We tailor our bundle of services to the needs of every client.

If you don’t have an effective accounting system, we’ll create one from scratch.  If you do, we’ll plug right into it.  If you need more than just bookkeeping, we can provide analysis and counsel and serve as your outsourced controller. Specifically…

System Set Up:

If you don’t have an accounting system that can produce an accurate balance sheet and profit and loss statement, we’ll create one for you based on the nature and needs of your business.  (Keep in mind that watching your bank balances is not an accounting system.  Cash in the bank at any given time does not tell you what your liabilities are.  It also does not categorize income and expenses in a manner that you can track and use to control your finances.)

Workflow Set Up:

We’ll create a comprehensive workflow to ensure that all bookkeeping tasks are performed in the most efficient manner for your business.  Most of the time, we do our work in our office and utilize technology to access your accounting system and to share documents to ensure security, speed, efficiency and quality control.  Together we’ll determine if it’s best to utilize cloud technology so that we can both access your accounting system at the same time, or to establish a secure remote connection to a desktop accounting package such as QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise Solutions.  Either way is fine with us.

The bottom line on the work flow is that it’s fast, efficient and secure.  By working remotely, we don’t disrupt you or your employees.  There’s no “water cooler” down time.  But, when you need us, we’re there!  In person, over the phone or via e-mail.

Ongoing bookkeeping:

As indicated above, we’ll establish the detailed workflow that’s right for your business.  Depending on your needs, we can execute any or all of the following bookkeeping tasks:

Cash Account Reconciliation:

  • Weekly bank reconciliations including all ACH, online and mobile banking transactions.

Accounts Payable:

  • We can pay your bills (you approve each one before they are paid) or we can prepare your bills for you to pay them.
  • We enter your bills into your accounting system.
  • We notify you to pay your bills or to approve each one so that we pay them.
  • We store electronic images of all your bills.
  • Monthly vendor statement reviews.
  • Credit card accounts linked to accounting software.

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Financial Management and Accounting:


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