How We Work

It all starts with a complimentary assessment during which
we learn about your current situation and your needs and objectives.
arrowThen, we’ll propose a package of services, workflow and pricing that we think
will work for you. Our pricing is a flat monthly rate based on the specific services
and volume of work for eachclient so that you have a predictable monthly cost.
We’ll answer all your questions and provide references.

arrowOnce you’ve determined that SimplyBooked is right for your business,
we get to work! We’ll set up the workflow that together we’ve decided is the
most efficient for your needs.  This will include whether we use a cloud-based
accounting platform, such as Quickbooks Online, or whether we set up a
secure remote connection to a desktop accounting package such as
QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise Solutions.  Either way is fine with us.

arrowNext, we provide you with a dedicated bookkeeper who will work with you
to assume day-to-day responsibilities of the service package that you purchase
which can include cash reconciliations, accounts payable, accounts receivable,
payroll, reporting and more. We immediately put our established
best practices to work for you.

arrowYou send your source documents (vendor bills, receivable information, payroll data,
sales reports, etc) to us via an email address or fax number that is dedicated to your company.

We maintain your records electronically and process vendor bills,
customer invoices, payroll information, etc while you maintain the essential
treasury functions of investing, executing wire transfers,
authorizing bill payments online, etc.

We make outsourced bookkeeping safe by treating your data with the utmost sensitivity and security.
Your data remains safe, secure and available to you 24/7.

We’re always there when you need us!
Over the phone, via e-mail and we will come to your office whenever you need us to!

arrowNow you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of working with us!
Save time, increase capacity, get control over your finances, improve
cash flow, financials at your fingertips and improved your bottom line!