How much attention do you pay to your bank statements or banking activity?  Do you toss statements aside, vowing to look at them “later” but you never really do?  Do you file them away for your accountant to worry about?  Or, do you comb through them line by line, and balance them against your general ledger so that you know where every penny is, have a handle on receivables, expenses and liabilities, and can plan accordingly for the months ahead?

Every business owner would like to have the time and patience for keeping their books accurate and up to date and reconciled with their bank and credit card statement, but most just don’t have the time.  Or they ask a friend or family member to keep the books for them but that person may not have the time or the knowledge to do so either.  Ignoring these important financial snapshots for too long can be detrimental to any business.

With SimplyBooked, your books are accurate and update to date, always.  This provides a foundation for better expense control, budgeting, forecasting, planning … or in other words a stronger business with a better bottom line.