We are an outstanding bookkeeping service

Because we have developed a process to keep your books accurate and up to date that is affordable and efficient.  Our team is among the most experienced in bookkeeping, accounting, taxes and the financial challenges of small and mid-sized business that you’ll find anywhere.  We have fused our expertise, knowledge of business operations and technology to create a bookkeeping solution that we believe you will find extremely valuable to your business.  Specifically, we can help you…


Save Time

If you or a member of your staff are currently doing your bookkeeping, you can save a tremendous amount of time by hiring SimplyBooked to do it for you.  Also, when your books are accurate and up to date, you’ll benefit from efficiencies in places that you probably never thought of.  Want to talk to a lender about a loan or line of credit?  Simply push a button and get the information you’ll need.  Tax time?  Your accountant won’t have a long list of questions for you and will be able to get your taxes done faster. Need financial reports for your board or want to keep your employees informed on how you’re doing (to encourage a sense of ownership and accountability)?  No problem.  It’s all fast and easy.

Or, if you currently use an outside bookkeeper who comes in to your business, you will save time and money by hiring SimplyBooked, because we work offsite.  That means there’s no disruption to you or “water cooler” time wasted, thereby improving your overall productivity.  We’re there when you need us in person, by phone or e-mail… but only when you need us!


Increase capacity

Our clients tell us that they redirect the time they’re not spending on the books to activities that increase revenue or otherwise strengthen their business.  Whoever is doing the bookkeeping now will be able to spend that time selling, taking care of customers, making operations more efficient, developing new products and services… just think of the possibilities.  Or, in some cases, our clients are able to reduce staff overall, thereby significantly reducing expenses.


Have access to accurate and up to date financial reports at your finger tips

When you work with us, you can get your financial reports any time of the day or night – for you, your bank, accountant, financial planner, business consultant, board… anybody you want, any time you want.


Get control over your finances

How much attention do you pay to your bank statements or banking activity?  Do you toss statements aside, vowing to look at them “later” but you never really do?  Do you file them away for your accountant to worry about?  Or, do you comb through them line by line, and balance them against your general ledger so that you know where every penny is, have a handle on receivables, expenses and liabilities, and can plan accordingly for the months ahead?

Every business owner would like to have the time and patience for keeping their books accurate and up to date and reconciled with their bank and credit card statement, but most just don’t have the time.  Or they ask a friend or family member to keep the books for them but that person may not have the time or the knowledge to do so either.  Ignoring these important financial snapshots for too long can be detrimental to any business.

With SimplyBooked, your books are accurate and update to date, always.  This provides a foundation for better expense control, budgeting, forecasting, planning … or in other words a stronger business with a better bottom line.


Improve cash flow

With accurate and up to date books and reports at your fingertips, we can help you keep on top of slow paying customers, build a plan to manage your cash, and get the most out of every dollar.  Our financial reporting and analysis uncovers spending trends and the hidden expenses that might be a drain on your cash.  All of this results in creating more cash that increases your financial flexibility, allowing you to take your business where you want it to go.

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Improve your bottom line

It all adds up to a better bottom line!

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